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CNC Punching & CNC Folding

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CNC Punching & CNC Folding

Fabricated Sheet Metal

We can shape sheet metal by folding.  We can punch holes in sheet metal.  We have the latest equipment to do the job you want done. This is all handled by computer controlled machinery to give total accuracy.  If you want a box made we can do it.  If the box has a front panel to take various components it will need holes punched in it.  We can do that.  As many holes and slots as you want and all computer (i.e. CNC) controlled.

We will work accurately to your drawings and designs and specifications.


Front Panels

If you have an enclosure or a box, the chances are it will need a front panel or a lid or a cover.  We can make a front control panel to your design and we can finish it with holes punched for mounting whatever switches or LED’s you want.  Or, perhaps you know what you want but don’t have a detailed drawing – no problem as we can handle that too.  Whether you need it in aluminium or steel is not a problem.


Final Finish

What colour(s) would you like?  If we make it – we can paint it or powder coat it.



We are highly competitive in our pricing so talk to us today. 01953 450 272 will get you through to our senior engineer.

TCF has been doing CNC Punching and Folding since 1999.

If you have something unique, however small, our fully qualified senior engineer can discuss your requirements either over the telephone, or you can arrange to call in and see him personally.

We will work out the best and most cost effective way to carry out your requirements.

We have the machinery to do the job!

Plant & Equipment We Use for Professional Accurate Results Every Time

For * CNC Punching we use a Euromac CX750/30 single station Punch and Nisshinbo Map 1000 with 22 Tool Station with Auto Index capability in Turret

For * CNC Folding we use an Amada ITS103 Brake Press which has an ESA S640 Controller fitted for 6 Axis control.

* CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control.  This means that our CNC machines and the machine tools are fully controlled by computer.  A command module which is part of the machine itself fully controls every movement required.  No longer do we rely on wheels and levers which are operated manually and subject to error.  Our highly automated process ensures total accuracy to the very finest of tolerances required by today’s designs.