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Car Plinths

Car Plinths - Renault
Car Plinths - Vauxhall Exhibition
Car Plinths - ING F1
Car Plinths - Jaguar

Here at TCF we are proud of our design studio where we have the ability to produce some stunning designs for all manner of displays including car plinths, stands for use at exhibitions, shows or retail premises.  Above you can see a fairly standard open car plinth as used by Jaguar, a covered /walled option used by Renault, an open concept for the ING Formula 1 car and then on to a more elaborate and complex unit used by Vauxhall for their stand at a motor show.  Below is a very attractive plinth for a BMW electric car.

With our special module design we can ensure a bespoke result for you.  Simply let us know the dimensions required and you will be surprised how quickly we can output your finished article. Also, you might care to think about renting your plinth as opposed to outright purchase.  Only require it for a short while then renting a car plinth might be the most economical answer for you.

You can give us a detailed drawing or an artist’s impression of what you have in mind and we can take it from there – talk today to our senior design consultant on 01953 450272

Car Plinths - BMW_iplinth